From Accounting Today, Sunday March 15, 2009:

The second edition of Retire Secure! has come out just in time to help would be retirees face cratering markets - to say nothing of their advisors, who could benefit from its up-to-date information on the latest tax law changes, such as Roth IRA conversions, and whole new chapters on retirement planning innovations like the one person retirement plan, or Super K.

As always with this sort of client-oriented book, we recommend you memorize it, and then buy up any copies that a client of yours might run across, to prevent them from wondering if they can do without you.

From Estate Planning Magazine June 2009:

Uncertainty is riding high, and the word "panic" is on some people's lips. One voice that does not panic is noted author Jim Lange, who urges a longer-term mindset in financial planning matters in this second edition of his work Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later.

The chief difference between this second edition and the original offering of this book is the author's discussion of the family of Roth retirement vehicles that he weighs against traditional retirement vehicles; this analysis is found in several chapters of the second edition.

Another strength of this book is the proportion devoted to estate planning issues. Fully half of this volume addresses themes pertaining to estate planning, such as gifts and charitable giving, the role of trusts in the estate plan, life insurance and beneficiary and survivorship issues.

This book is a great read, full of illustrative (and entertaining) stories, but also full of practical advice. Charts, formulas, key chapter points and other aids abound here, making this ideal for one's general education as well as a useful guide for financial planners to employ in mapping strategic approaches to serve their clientele. Highly recommended.

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